TriCities Ransomware Prevention

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TriCities Ransomware Prevention

TriCities Ransomware Prevention? Let’s talk about what ransomware is. Ransomware is a malicious software that locks a user’s data in varying different methods and the data or computer/device is held ransom for monetary payment. The data is locked by becoming encrypted and requires a password to unlock it. The password also known as an encryption key has a hash so large it’s impossible to crack. A password hash is bunch of random characters that an algorithm creates where each character and symbol represents a character of a password.  The internet can be a scary place! This post is written to ease your cyber fears and inform you how protect your business from this IT department nightmare.

URL Inspection

When using search engines pay attention to the URL you’re about to click on in a search result. Ensure that the URL you click is correct because these malware/ransomware guys are slick, they use slight variations of an URL to throw you off. Do not install search toolbars! Use web browsers that allow you to search from the address bar such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (Ensure Google is set as your search engine in Firefox). Pay close attention to your address bar in your browser and the URL in search results. “What about those sites that won’t let me close the browser?” Calling the phone number connects you to someone who will walk you through to connect them remotely to your computer and compromise any data have. Also possibly implanting malicious software or ransomware on your computer. To exit the window press Alt+F4 or Command+Q on Mac.


Antivirus solutions are as effective as their definitions and scanning capabilities. There isn’t an antivirus software that can protect you from everything because there are new cyber security threats everyday. Most antivirus software companies do their best to ensure clients are protected. Some antivirus solutions can do more harm than good because of intense scanning which can decrease the life of your hard drive and results in drive failure (crashed hard drive). Intense antivirus scanning also decreases your computer performance dramatically. Antivirus software that have internet security features tend to flag false positives for a lot of legitimate websites and files. Just to name our top 2 picks to stay away from McAfee and Norton Antivirus with or without internet security. We recommend for the best free solution Malwarebytes, however if you’re looking for a more premium antivirus you can’t go wrong with ESET NOD32 or Sophos Antivirus.

Data Backup

Cloud backup solutions such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Carbonite work really well and the first 2 offer free storage. Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Storage Area Network (SAN) are excellent solutions for businesses to recover from ransomware attacks. Backups can also be encrypted by ransomware. Network folders provide another route for ransomware infection because a user can upload an infected file without them knowing. Use the 3-2-1 rule 3 backups, 2 different types of media, and 1 offsite.  Veeam is our favorite backup solution for data and virtual machines.

Safely Encrypting Your Data

Encrypting data with features such as Bitlocker in Windows Professional or FileVault on Mac is another step towards data protection. This makes it harder for ransomware to encrypt your hard drive and data because you have already done so. Encryption is resource intensive and decrease the life of hard drives.  Purchase good quality hard drives such as Western Digital or Seagate high performance models if you’re willing to shell out the extra dough, and Solid State Drives (SSD) would be the best type of hard drive. Solid state hard drives don’t have mechanical parts for reading and writing data, they also have a longer life span than mechanical drives.

Invest in Network Security

Stopping threats before they come in sounds like an excellent idea right? Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW) do deep packet inspection of network traffic checking for virus/malware signatures and anomalies, if it detects a threat or unusual behavior it prevents the packet from entering the network. You may be wondering what a data packet is? Think of it like an envelope with information in it sent to and from your computer, but by the hundreds and thousands. Firewalls protect your network, they can also create a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This creates the ability to connect to your business network from home or abroad while also securing your internet traffic. Every business needs to have a firewall in their network infrastructure regardless if it’s a NGFW.


Every business today is virtualizing their infrastructure and you may be asking what is virtualization? Virtualization allows 1 physical server to run multiple operating systems and services while also separating the servers from the main operating system. These virtualized servers are known as virtual machines. This creates a layer between the physical server and the virtualized servers that prevents direct access to the main operating system. Virtualizing your infrastructure is cost effective and allows consolidating services to 1 system. Virtualization also provides the ability to quickly restore servers eliminating long outage times. This saves days, weeks, or months of time restoring services that’s extremely costly to any business.

TriCities Ransomware Prevention

Now it’s time to hold up your shields and brandish your keyboards while standing on your desk and yell “I HAVE THE POWER!!!!!!” We’ve educated Bristol, Abingdon, Kingsport, and Johnson City how to prevent ransomware attacks. Ransomware attacks get worse everyday, Gray Fox Computing provides the best services and solutions to prevent ransomware. Computers and the internet are wondeful tools, but we must protect them. They provide instant information, unlimited resources, and tools that make many jobs easier. Use your best judgement to prevent these tools from causing harm to businesses and communities in the TriCities. Contact Gray Fox Computing now to get your network and servers secured!

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